Friday, September 23, 2005

Be Nice to Writers

I'm not adjusting well to school. First Grade, to be exact.

We got a note from the "First Grade Team" (I guess so each individual teacher doesn't have to take responsibility?) ordering parents to sign their child's homework or else. Okay, so it wasn't quite that bad ... but when did First Graders ever need homework?

Anyway, I steamed and stewed. Yes, they threatened punitive action if each and every assignment wasn't completed and signed by the parent. So, there are a multitude of ways for my little guy, who is still very little to me, to fail through no fault of his own. He can't help it if I'm an airhead, a space cadet, a doofus, and I just FORGET to sign it! And I'm not a mind reader, so if the teacher doesn't specifically send home the assignment written out for me to clearly understand, how am I supposed to help him succeed?

But I'm not allowed to let him know that in this regard, I DO NOT SUPPORT THE TEACHER! I think she's WRONG and okay, I'm done now ...

Not really ... I wrote about it in my column ... which will be published in the local daily paper today ...

Note to teachers: do not piss off a writer. I may put you in my book and kill you.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

To Hell and Back … a story that deserves to be shared

This is a true story that was shared with me a couple years ago. I think about it often, so I'm sharing it.

A man was sick with cancer. After battling for over two years he began to decline quickly. He was hospitalized, and felt as though he was taking his last breath. But he wasn’t ready to go. He fell into a coma, and saw himself leaving his body, floating above it while medical personnel struggled to revive him.

He traveled down a dark tunnel, but there was a bright light at the end. As he walked toward the light he saw people, some he had known but who had passed before him. They looked happy, content, some reached out to him. One of them was his brother, whom he had not spoken to since he was incarcerated for murder, and who had later been killed in a fight with another prisoner. His brother said to him, “It’s not your time, yet. You must go back.” Knowing his brother was right, he turned around, and floated back into his hospital room, and settled down comfortably into his body, again.

Months passed, but he did not seem to get any better. He was discouraged, and depressed. He started refusing treatments that only made him feel sicker. He decided that he had had enough, and he wanted to die. He willed himself to die.

Again he found himself in a dark tunnel, only there was no light at the end. On either side were people, but they weren’t the happy people from his last trip. They were chained to the walls; some were moaning, some screaming, at the torture they were receiving. And some were children. At first he tried to slow his progress, but something was pulling him forward. He became frightened, and realized this must be Hell. He thought, “No! I’m not ready to die!”

In an instant he was violently pulled back from the tunnel and flung back into his body. He could feel the doctors and nurses working on him to bring him back.

Grateful for yet another chance, he began to battle the cancer again. The cancer went into remission, he began to recover, and to live again. Seeing his brother, the murderer, in heaven, and seeing those children among the sufferers in hell, made him look at things a little differently. God can forgive anything, if only you ask. If you kill yourself, you can’t ask.

Given the alternative, it’s GREAT to be alive!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Opposite Meme

No tagging, just take it and run with it. I did ... from
Post in comments, or a link to your blog, if you do. Just have a little fun with it!
My least favorite thing to eat/drink: asparagus/root beer
My favorite thing to eat/drink: dark chocolate, coffee
My least favorite type of restaurant(s): fast food
My favorite type of restaurant(s): Pizza joint (not chain)
My least favorite time of day/day of week: evening/Sunday
My favorite time of day/day of week: early morning/Saturday
My least favorite season: late fall
My favorite season: summer
Color I like least: gray
Color I like most: purple
The location/place I’d least like to live: a city in California
The location/place I’d most like to live: Cape Cod
The job(s) I would least desire: military, police, football coach
The job(s) I would dream of having: writer
My least favorite body part on myself: my big ole butt
My favorite body part on myself: my fingers
My least desirable trait of my significant other/potential other: complaining
My favorite trait of my significant other/potential other: playing w the boys
The things I would give up: housework
The things I would never give up: my family
My least favorite chore(s) to do around the house: all of them
My most favorite chore to do around the house: are you kidding?
My least favorite thing about my work day (including stay-at-home mom/dad): dishes
My favorite thing about my work day: hugs and kisses from the kids
If I win the lottery, I wouldn’t: tell anyone
If I win the lottery, I would: pay off debts, share
My idea of a bad date (or night out with the significant other): dinner at McDonalds and shopping at Walmart
My idea of a great date: a jacuzzi tub in a hotel room
The way I don’t want to spend my time off: doing chores
The way I want to spend my time off: playing w the boys outside
My least favorite thing to do online: pay bills
My favorite thing to do online: find interesting and humorous sites

Uninvited guests

Somebody's always out there, just waiting to crash the party. Even this little intimate gathering here, where there's not enough noise to alert the neighbors, but somehow a spammer got in anyway.
So I must apologize for the inconvenience, but you'll just have to check your keys at the door. "Word verification" has been turned on, for comments.
Blame it on the cell phone guy, if you must. But thank him for the warning, because the drug pushers would have closed down the whole dang party.

Which Superhero?

The costume catalog arrived today.

For those that aren't in the know, Halloween is The Most Important Holiday, and the costume is The Most Important Reason for Halloween.

Oh, decisions, decisions! My poor, tortured, first-grader can't make up his mind which costumes he needs right now and which ones Santa can bring for Christmas (yes we all know Christmas comes after Halloween, but Halloween is actually just an excuse for the costume in the first place! Now stay with me, here).
So, in the car on the way home from school, he's clutching the catalog, ripping the pages back and forth with a fury. And it never left his hands (I think he's holding it still, while he sleeps). At one point, both boys are hovering over it, carefully discussing the merits of Batman Beyond versus Batman Begins, the new Spiderman with muscles versus the old one that's only good for pajamas anymore.
But there's more... newer, but are they better? Which one's cooler, the Red Power Ranger or the Blue one? And Flash is cool, but Captain America has muscles and a shield. Shouldn't Flash have muscles? And Mr. Fantastic is cool, but he doesn't have a mask. Mr. Incredible has a mask, I really like the mask. I didn't know Wonder Woman had a cape (whoa there, no boy of mine is going as Wonder Woman!). I think I like Bionicle best, he has a fire stick and that chest thingy (yeah, gotta love the chest thingy).
But back to the classics again, and the question of Superman comes up. Should I be Superman this year I've never been Superman and I NEED a Superman costume cause I only have the underwear. (now you have it, Superman does wear underwear) Or maybe Robin cause now he's really cool cause he's a Teen Titan now and I want to be cool like Robin. (I know, overkill on the cool, give him a break, he's only in first grade, cool is important)
Oh, and did you catch that bit earlier, about the costumeS, as in More Than One? You thought Halloween was only one night, didn't you. NonononoNO, let us fill our social calendar with as many Costume Parades as humanly possible, and squeeze in a few more for good measure. And a separate, NEW costume for each one of them.
Now doesn't Zorro look like a Superhero, Zorro's a Superhero, right? Right? Why isn't he on the Superhero page with all the rest? (What I want to know is why is Yu-Gi-Oh and his crazy hair on the Superhero page? He plays Cards!)
Well, at least we have it narrowed down to just four well-worn pages of the catalog, until the next catalog turns up. We will undoubtably be adding to the Superhero collection of costumes again, this year.
And the time is past that little brother can be dressed as Cute for Halloween. The lion costume will hang undisturbed in the closet.
He's going as Diaper Man.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back to School Blues

No time to write, no time to write.

I knew there'd be adjustments to our schedule when school started, but this is ridiculous. I barely have enough time to shower in peace before the whole family is up and at 'em (at Me, really!). Sunrise just doesn't come early enough.

I'm still trying to hang on to the last bits of summer, but the school year is in full swing, dragging me away from sun worshipping and water play, beckoning me to GET THINGS DONE.

Already time to wake the child, fix breakfast, pack his lunch and off we go. No time to comment on the ways of the world, the devastation in the south, another vacancy on the Supreme Court, the price of gas. Hell, no time to even think about it. Which is probably a Good Thing.

Except I'm looking for a bike. Cheap, dependable, gas-free. And good exercise, too, since there seems to be no time left for that either, these days.
Give me a few more days, I'll adjust. Or winter will come, one of those.