Friday, November 25, 2005

Paris and Nicole Aren't That Interesting

I have no idea why, but I've been getting a TON of spam with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie in the subject line. Somebody, actually lots of spammers, think I won't be able to resist opening their spam with those two as the subject. I can't think of a single reason why, or what they might be trying to sell me. But frankly, Paris and Nicole just don't do it for me.

Granted, some spammers are a little more enticing, with "Registration Confirmation", especially the one with the email address: Admin @ cia . gov. Okay, I could see how someone might fall for that one, or even just let their curiosity take over. But I didn't.

I remain adamant; I will not open anything I do not recognize. So if you change your email, don't send me a message that says: i ve chnged mi emal. That won't work. (Yup, I've gotten at least twenty of those in the last two days, as well).

It's good to know the bulk mail folder at Yahoo is working well for me. I still have to check, just in case an important newsletter falls through the cracks. But for the most part, I am a very satisfied customer.

Albeit one who has not taken advantage of the Best Prices on Prescription Drugs lately.

Black Friday

Does it feel like you just jumped out of the starting gate? Ready to go after those Christmas presents and wrapping paper and bows. It's the Holiday Season, in full swing, so let's get moving!

Actually, my husband has taken care of most of our holiday shopping, via the internet. He even got some new decorations for outside (and I know he's just dying to get out there and put it all together!) I've just got a few more presents to buy/make, and of course, I get to do all the wrapping.

And all the crafty stuff with the boys. That is totally my domain and I know dh won't ever step into that realm. He doesn't even like to be home when we get out the glue. But with most of our holiday errands already done, we have time to get crafty. And that's the best time of all ... getting all messy and glittery and seeing the pride on their faces when they've created something wonderful.

And I may just find time to send out cards this year!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful I have my family around me so that we can all sit down together and enjoy a nice homemade lasagna today. I'm thankful we're all in good health and nobody will go hungry, except by choice (picky eaters!).

I'm thankful for the myriad interruptions while I try to write. It means I have my rambunctious family surrounding me. One day I will have peace and quiet and be thankful for that, I hope.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Monday, November 21, 2005

In Support of Our School

I'm baking cookies at 12:45 AM.

This has got to be the ultimate in procrastination. I've had all day. Little guy took a HUGE nap, as in ALL AFTERNOON. Ideal time for me to bake cookies without getting into the mess of baking with the kids. Big Guy wasn't even interested in helping.

So what did I do? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. Totally wasted the day.

Didn't talk on the phone.
Didn't do any housework (God forbid I lift a finger in That Direction).
Didn't catch up on some reading.
Didn't even watch a movie on TV. (okay, I did turn it on and flip channels some)

Nope. Little Guy fell asleep and I was so dumbfounded by it all I just watched.

Then he woke up, evening snuck up on us, supper, baths, toothbrushing, bedtime ... hmmm, should've known there'd be a catch there. Bedtime did not come easily, my friend.

And so I'm baking cookies at 12:45 AM. For the school Bake Sale.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome to the Sick House, part 2

Now they get it ... when they are sick too and want to cuddle with Mom on the sofa, they finally get it!

But then somebody needs some more medicine.
And somebody else needs some more juice.

The person who claims to be feeling better first, is the one to get up ... this time it's Dad.

But then there's the inevitable midnight uproar, and it takes both parents to clean up, launder, bathe and soothe my sick little boy back to sleep.

And so it continues ...(let's hope there's no Part Three!)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Welcome to the Sick House

"Mommy's sick," I whisper, over and over and over again. Will they ever get it?

Not if they want a refill on the chocolate milk.
Not if the little guy is busy dive bombing off the back of the sofa, right on top of me.
Not if the bigger guy wants help drawing Batman so he's "Perfect".
Not if it's supper time, and they actually want to eat.
Not if they can't find their favorite video in the mess that now covers the living room floor.
Or their favorite book. Or any book.

Not even when Daddy's sick, too.

Not until bedtime comes early. Too early for them ... not early enough for me.

Mommy's not supposed to get sick. Ever. So somebody better FIX it. Right Now.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

NaNoWriMo? Not I

November is National Novel Writers' Month, aka NaNoWriMo (no Mork involved). There's a whole event going on, where writers have signed up to write 50,000 words, all in the month of November. Quality is not an issue here, just quantity.

Ten reasons why I did not sign up:
1. Fear of Failure
2. Fear of Failure
3. Fear of Failure
4. Fear of Failure
5. Fear of Failure
6. Fear of Failure
7. Fear of Failure
8. Fear of Failure
9. Fear of Failure
10. I started my latest story in October, and am now working on two simultaneously. No need to start another, I assure you. (The voices in my head can all sit quietly now until further notice.)

So I admit I only really have one reasonably good excuse not to join in the fun (a sick bunch of folks to think that torturing yourself into writing 50,000 words on deadline with barely any chance of coming out with something publishable). I'm already overworked and underpaid and I don't even have a "real job".

To all of you brave (insane) souls who have taken the plunge, may you be blessed with an overabundance of words ... some of them good. For now I'll stick with the usual Chicago refrain: Maybe next year.