Sunday, August 08, 2010

If you can't say anything nice ...

I know, nobody wants to read a bunch of whining and complaining. So I've kept quiet.

Here, look at this pretty cloud picture.

Stare good and long, now ... meditate on it awhile. While I tell you about the DUMBASS next door that thought a nice hot, muggy Sunday morning looks like a good time to pile up all the damp yard debris and set it to SMOKIN! I didn't take time out to photograph the event, as I was racing to shut off the AC before it dispersed a smoke cloud throughout the house. Then we got the hell out of there, in search of breathable air.

Environmentalists like to promote denser community living. Well, my little corner of the world has gone way past dense to completely STUPID. I think if you're going to live less than a mile from the nearest neighbor, you should have to pass an IQ test. Everyone who fails has to live in the same one-room condo all together. I doubt they'd improve their score, but it should also inhibit reproduction. Then again, maybe not.

On the plus side ... looks like my tomato plants just may produce after all. Slowly, but surely, the zucchini and squashes are showing up, too, mostly one at a time. Despite all that my garden has suffered this summer, it seems only the pepper plants will disappoint. I can live with that. So I won't be doing any canning or preserving this year, at least I can enjoy the fruits of my labor for awhile this summer. Live and learn, better luck next year.