Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life is Good

Homeschooling, travelling, traveling-while-homeschooling, more homeschooling ... it all adds up to some pretty full days. Throw in some writing, reading, a little more writing, even more reading and the days fly by.

The faster I go, the behinder I get. But if I slow down, spend more time enjoying the last days of sunshine and warm (relatively warm) weather ... I get even more behinder. I may never completely catch up on my email, but then again, it's nice to always have something waiting for me in my inbox.

And Halloween is coming. Immediately followed by NaNo. I have yet to make a decision on that little activity. I have, in the past, attempted it quietly. As in, not bothering my family about it, just doing it. And I have failed every time. But there are so many other things to do during the day, that I'm not sure I'm willing to actually devote a month of my time to this project. I don't have any new ideas that are screaming to get onto paper right now. Nothing worth devoting an entire month to, anyway.

NaNo? Probably not this year.

As the weather cools and I spend more time indoors, there are still tons of projects leftover from previous years that need attention. And a whole host of new projects, sewing, art projects for the boys to do, maybe get started on next year's Halloween costumes (never too early!).

But first, the outdoors, my gardens. The bulbs are planted, the last of the tomatoes have been harvested, it's time to put that whole mess to bed for the winter. It's not a particularly large mess, it just seems that way when it's time to clean it all up. Kind of like the boys' bedroom.

And we are ready for Halloween, somewhat. Still working on various jack-o-lanterns. But the warm, autumn decor is in place. Not exactly what I was picturing for my front entrance, but the men of the house insisted it was appropriate.