Monday, January 06, 2014

How cold is it?

After being snowed in all weekend, now we're "cold- in". All the snow that was blowing around for the last couple of days has turned into giant blocks of ice.

I had to explain to my boys that they have NEVER IN THEIR LIFETIMES seen it this cold. And hopefully, we will never see this again, because when they grow up I will retire to someplace warmer, and with less snow.

We used to have a saying around here, "too cold to snow". Because when it gets anywhere near this cold, it usually is too dry for snow to even form, let alone make it to the ground. So the worst of winter in the Midwest is usually pretty dry, and driveable. But nooooooo ... old man winter had to go and give us both. Record-breaking, death-bringing cold on top of a couple of days of blizzard conditions and oh, a bunch of snow to try and shovel out of the way so we can get on with our daily activities.

No daily activities here.

I did get my car started. And I did get out to see that sometimes, even the experts at road clearing can be overcome in the face of the deepest depths of cold.

So back inside I go, thankful that we only have a few days of this, instead of weeks, or months. Thankful I have working heat and hot water, that my pipes haven't frozen (yet!), and that I have the right winter gear if I should need to go back out, for any reason. Thankful we are warm.