Sunday, May 29, 2005

Counting My Blessings

I have a confession to make. I've had no obstacles to overcome. I'm perfectly ordinary. And I have a perfectly ordinary husband and perfectly ordinary children. (as I write this they are flipping out in the living room, making me question their ordinariness)
I mean, of course, that we have none of the bi-polar, depression, anxiety or panic attacks that I read about from so many writers. No alcoholism or drug addictions, no fibro or ms, no autism or even ADHD. And so far, not even a divorce or bankruptcy to rock the smooth ride we've had. Not even teen angst, yet.
So what do I have to write about?
Sometimes, the waters are like glass, not even a ripple on the horizon. And I have to wonder, what's out there, waiting for me? Life has not challenged me, yet. Oh we've had the garden variety, spirited children, job changes, planning for simultaneous college tuitions and retirement (so far, NOT happening), but nothing to really test me.
So, for now, I have plenty of time to count my blessings, give thanks and be grateful, and give of myself to others, be an activist for a better world. With a toddler on my lap, of course. Tailor made to be a writer.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

must ... have ... chocolate

Writing output has been pretty p##s poor this week. Can it be due to the nice weather? Not hardly, as I often write in pencil on paper ... that's about as portable as you can get. I even have a notebook that fits (barely) in the ole mommybag.
Have I spent too much time on housework? (have a good laugh here)

Can it be for lack of something to write about? Oh c'mon!, the little talk show host in my head keeps up a running commentary 24/7, too fast for me to even write it all down. In fact, I even had the opportunity to take advantage of not one but two mommy blab sessions this week, which are always inspiring. That may have been one of the problems, too much time sitting around gabbing.
It's gotta be the chocolate. Everytime I try to get back in diet mode, somehow my daily intake of chocolate goes way down, and so does my output. And you thought my title was just wishful thinking. No, it's the actual fuel, along with coffee, which is never in short supply, never gets cut out by any diet.
Time for a chocolate festival. Or maybe just some Hershey's chocolate syrup, straight out of the bottle.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What Me Worry?

OK, the purpose of having the blog in the first place was so I could readily post my thoughts and opinions ... except I still have dial-up so nothing on the internet comes "readily". I actually have to make time to blog!

So I was thinking, writing my columns actually, and there's so much I have to say that just doesn't fit into my columns. For the newspaper, the readers like happy, family, teachable moments. The new one, Families Online Magazine, is about Parenting ... pretty much can stay away from the politics there.

Of course I can get my opinions out to the powers that be via writing my Congressmen and Senators, and I do. And for the record, the Speaker does respond (or a staffer does, but he signs it!). And yet there's still more. There's so much that bothers me that doesn't even get any big name corporate-owned media attention, so I feel like I'm the only one out here that's worried about nanotechnology. Google it if you're not worried.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fashionably Late

Late to the party, again. Since I've been home with the kiddos, it seems I've lost touch with technology. Just more preoccupied with poop than with the major concerns of the rest of humanity. But as the poop starts to take care of itself (soon, very soon), I'm getting ready to rejoin the adult world.

And I'm concerned, very concerned. But more on that later, we have all night.

So I may be late, fashionably late, but I'm not the last to arrive. I'll just stay until the music gets low, mingle a bit, maybe leave a card or two. Have a few drinks, a few laughs, maybe a meaningful conversation, and make a new friend or two. See what happens, just for the fun of it.