Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What Me Worry?

OK, the purpose of having the blog in the first place was so I could readily post my thoughts and opinions ... except I still have dial-up so nothing on the internet comes "readily". I actually have to make time to blog!

So I was thinking, writing my columns actually, and there's so much I have to say that just doesn't fit into my columns. For the newspaper, the readers like happy, family, teachable moments. The new one, Families Online Magazine, is about Parenting ... pretty much can stay away from the politics there.

Of course I can get my opinions out to the powers that be via writing my Congressmen and Senators, and I do. And for the record, the Speaker does respond (or a staffer does, but he signs it!). And yet there's still more. There's so much that bothers me that doesn't even get any big name corporate-owned media attention, so I feel like I'm the only one out here that's worried about nanotechnology. Google it if you're not worried.

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