Saturday, June 04, 2005

Aspirations of Virtue

I read the news, I get angry. Don't talk to me after I read the news, especially on the internet where I can research more info and find nothing and get even angrier. Still on that revolution kick, though.

But striving toward virtue, now. Virtuous as in the D-word, as in food choices, as in what goes in and stays and spreads around should never have gone in in the first place and will never again. Yeah, striving anyway.

Did the grocery shopping yesterday and avoided snacks I like. Except a package of cookies, cause the natives get restless when there are no cookies! (The natives here are stinky smelly boys who leave their socks lying around, you probably have one or two lying around your house?) They hate the d-word too, only because it means THERE'S NOTHING TO EAT. Ever try to feed healthy nutritious meals to a bunch of skinny guys who can't start the day without a generous helping of high fructose corn syrup?

They don't eat fruit, they don't eat vegetables, when the chips are gone they're going to get hungry. And then they will bake cookies. Yes, they are so serious about their sugar they will even venture into the kitchen and bake their own snacks ... the little ones will, anyway.

So I got on this 20 Days of Virture from Joshlyn Jackson's blog. Read the book, gods in Alabama (you absolutely MUST read it!), had to read the blog. Now I'm starting to check out blogs like I check out homepages. Yet another diversion, another excuse not to write. I have more if you need any.


Eliza said...

I haven't read her blog yet but will head there next. Trying to make a fictional blog right now for mine. ( stop by and take a peek. Comments are welcome. As for shopping, that is so hard to avoid the goodies, isn't it?

Running2Ks said...

Hey, when you write, and get REALLY inspired, take my husband's advice and dole out the blogs a little at a time. Save some for when you feel uninspired. The other day, I thought I exhausted myself and all of my ideas in a few weeks of blogging. I'm pacing the ideas on post-its now. Come visit again. Rant with me, Baby!