Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day

My dad probably doesn't even read my blog ... why should he? I just rant and rave about the minutiae of my life ... he gets that with our weekly calls. But I'm going to say it anyway, for all two of you to read ... I LOVE MY DAD!
I've got a pretty great dad. He worked like crazy while my mom stayed home raising us kids and taking care of the home. It's a hard job she did, cause I'm trying to do it too (and I'm just not cutting it on the home part). But she did it without complaint, and for some reason my dad squeezed in just enough hanging out with the kids time that I don't remember him not ever being home. .

I mean, he was home some of the time, and he did spend time with the family, taking us on annual camping trips and just plain wrestling on the living room floor and neighborhood cookouts (and a clam bake or two) and beach days and just hauling us kids in the back of the pickup for fun. So he worked hard, set a good example, and played hard, too!
And always with the advice (that's his job, right?). He's got a way of saying you're wrong and coming out like "I may be wrong but here's what I think you should do, now go and do what you're gonna do anyway" ... just not in so many words.
He must have done the dad thing right, cause I didn't grow up with any "issues" about my parents like so many others my age. In fact, I actually like my parents, enjoy spending time with them, and (get this) so does my husband!(and the kids too, they love their grandparents!)
So Dad (and Mom, you guys work together), thanks for raising me to be normal (relatively speaking, of course) and teaching me how to be a good parent, and a good person. You've done your job well, and I love you both very much!


Running2Ks said...

Y B Normal? Very sweet--I hope your dad reads it.

Debi from Momwriters! said...

It is sooooooo nice to read something NICE about ones parents!!! There were so many tortured blogs ( well on Xanga anyway ) about people angry with their dads or hatever...UGH I say at least they still HAVE their Dad! (mine passed away 6 years ago)
HUGS if he didn't read it Email it to him!! LOL

Debi from Momwriters! said...

Ohhhh I LOVE Sheedy's Spirited Child!!! Is my Bible here - no lie!!!!! If it weren't for those books and tapes - because as you know the spirited child will hardly let you sit thru reading a chapter LOL - I would be in the looney bin!!!
My my my ....I'm back on MomWriters a week and find someone I really like :-)
Debi in NJ