Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Meanwhile, back inside ...

Too hot to sit outside and write, already. Especially since I worked up a good sweat watering all the so-called gardens by hand. We have a total water ban in effect, the result of weeks of nice sunny weather, so I must spend the first part of my mornings now running from rosebush to rosebush with a big ole watering can, in a valiant attempt to defy nature and coax some life out of them. I fight the good fight, and my $5 supermarket rose rewards me, while the fancy-schmancy J&P's wither away. And the miniature roses from Home Depot are doing pretty well through the drought, as well. But I dare not plant anything new, so the garden is looking pretty sparse this year.
And inside, another war rages on ... ants. Oh go ahead and admit it, you have them too! It's too hot outside even for the ants. So I put out the ant traps, the ones where they're supposed to take the bait back to their nest, only they're not making it home. This stuff is so powerfull, they're dying all over my pantry. Every morning, the little guy announces, "Oh No, a Mess! Another Mess!" with such dramatic flair you'd think he just spilled a whole gallon of grape juice (of course when he actually did spill the whole gallon, there was no such announcement).
Ah, the dog days of summer, can't beat em! Though I need to get back outside; there's something to be said for the sounds of birds and loud noisy bugs and the approaching garbage truck. Hey, it sure beats "boo bah" (or whatever it's called) in the background. And there's fewer interruptions for chocolate milk while there's a door between me and the boy child in front of the tube.
So where are all those deep thoughts that come forth when I'm meditating on nature? Well, folks, the puter ain't mobile, so it's all on paper ... in pencil. After nearly a week away (barely even checking email, which reminds me ... ) there's a ton of stuff to rant about, even without checking the evening news. In fact, along those lines, I've decided my friend has the right idea ... The Daily Show makes the news so much easier to digest, particularly with a glass of cheap wine.
So now I'm going to go join the little guy in shaka shaka boing boing. I don't know what it is, but it looks like fun.

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Running2Ks said...

Oooh, when you figure out what shaka shaka boing boing is, I'm all over that. As for the ants--2 words: Orkin Man. And 1 more word--Dustbuster. Half of my blogs start on post-its anyway, too. Dell has a sale on laptops....