Monday, August 08, 2005

The Non-Writing Part of Writing

I've been getting some pretty nice critiques of my newest story, "Quiet Jack". Basically, what they amount to is fix the punctuation and good to go. Aw hell, they're Great critques! So now I must suck up and submit for publication.

It's not the easy part of writing, it's not the hard part. It's just the Non-Writing part of Writing. Publishing ... or rather, looking to be published ... which, if successful, leads to more non-writing, which would still be a Good Thing. Right up there with Deadlines and Decisions.

It's a scary step, submitting to a book publisher. Now that I'm getting used to magazine rejections, it's a whole new world out there to conquer. But it's a little easier with a cheering section. And, of course, with the myriad distractions of more writing, school starting up soon, and the rest of the household and family obligations beckoning ... I won't notice every single day that passes between submitting and replying, will I?

It will only be posted on my Progress Meter that I check Every Day. But for now, first things first ... out the door to publisher #1 by the end of this week. Because next week I have two columns to write.

Deadlines ... gotta love 'em!


Running2Ks said...

Good luck!

Patti said...

Hey thanks!