Friday, September 23, 2005

Be Nice to Writers

I'm not adjusting well to school. First Grade, to be exact.

We got a note from the "First Grade Team" (I guess so each individual teacher doesn't have to take responsibility?) ordering parents to sign their child's homework or else. Okay, so it wasn't quite that bad ... but when did First Graders ever need homework?

Anyway, I steamed and stewed. Yes, they threatened punitive action if each and every assignment wasn't completed and signed by the parent. So, there are a multitude of ways for my little guy, who is still very little to me, to fail through no fault of his own. He can't help it if I'm an airhead, a space cadet, a doofus, and I just FORGET to sign it! And I'm not a mind reader, so if the teacher doesn't specifically send home the assignment written out for me to clearly understand, how am I supposed to help him succeed?

But I'm not allowed to let him know that in this regard, I DO NOT SUPPORT THE TEACHER! I think she's WRONG and okay, I'm done now ...

Not really ... I wrote about it in my column ... which will be published in the local daily paper today ...

Note to teachers: do not piss off a writer. I may put you in my book and kill you.


Running2Ks said...

Sing it, sister!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

LOL! Tell me about it. When I didn't sign my childs agenda one day, (yes they have one of those too, and I have to sign it every day along with the homework) it came back to me with a big red circle where I was to sign and a small note. I was feeling a little like a grade one student myself then. Never mind that I have a life to live outside of her classroom. Sometimes when I'm feeling really naughty I won't sign anything for a few days, just to drive them nuts. (hehehe)

Rowan said...


They're doing this in first grade?

Funny comment about putting someone in your book and killing them.

My daughter lives in fear that her actions will be blogged. That's part of why her sister is featured far more often.