Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh What a Beautiful Morn!

"Pink skies at night, sailor's delight,
Pink skies in the morning, sailor's warning."

That little rhyme is embedded in my brain, and plays itself every single time I see a beautiful sunset, or sunrise. Which has been pretty much every single day this past summer.

Right now, I'm viewing the latter. And that little "warning" in my brain does nothing to deter from it's beauty. All I can think of, when I see the sunlight reflecting pinks and oranges and purples off the clouds is "what a great way to start the day!"

I had to pause, open the sliders and step outside for a moment, to take it all in before it disappears into the day. And now, it's time for me to rouse the troops and start the day in our little corner of the world.

But not before pausing to appreciate the magnificence of nature's painting on the sky.

1 comment:

Running2Ks said...

That phrase takes me back a few years. How you liking the cold snap?