Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

Does it feel like you just jumped out of the starting gate? Ready to go after those Christmas presents and wrapping paper and bows. It's the Holiday Season, in full swing, so let's get moving!

Actually, my husband has taken care of most of our holiday shopping, via the internet. He even got some new decorations for outside (and I know he's just dying to get out there and put it all together!) I've just got a few more presents to buy/make, and of course, I get to do all the wrapping.

And all the crafty stuff with the boys. That is totally my domain and I know dh won't ever step into that realm. He doesn't even like to be home when we get out the glue. But with most of our holiday errands already done, we have time to get crafty. And that's the best time of all ... getting all messy and glittery and seeing the pride on their faces when they've created something wonderful.

And I may just find time to send out cards this year!

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Running2Ks said...

I'm not shopping today (except maybe for MORE FOOD) but I tell you, this weekend is shopping avoidance for me.

I really need to start my cards. Maybe I'll put up the tree...