Sunday, July 09, 2006

In search of ... Jr Mints!

I'm always in search of something around here, usually misplaced socks or tiny pieces of legos.

One of the inhabitants, who prefers not to be named, (although he doesn't mind being referred to as the king) happens to like Jr Mints. In the Big Box. And he has come to expect to find such a box on the kitchen counter after I have just done The Shopping. The weekly gathering of boxes of stuff whose ingredients I can't pronounce but yet it puts a smile on the faces of the natives so I keep on buying it -- that's called The Shopping (as opposed to the semi-weekly gathering of stuff that grows out of the ground and has to be washed and cut and comes in pretty colors and causes the natives to make all kinds of distorted contortions with their faces).

But lately there have been problems with The Shopping. At first, I thought it was just me hitting the store at the wrong time, like maybe just before they stock it, when they're out of everything. Then it was the re-decorating, which became a re-configuration, which morphed into a Total Upgrade. In other words, I couldn't find a damn thing!

And when one store goes into Upgrade Mode, they ALL do it. So now I can't find anything in any store I go into. Every shopping trip has turned into a great big SCAVENGER HUNT! At least the kids are having fun.

Yesterday was yet another Grand Re-Opening Extravaganza! Mob scene ... concession stand out in the parking lot, taking up at least 4 parking spaces ... free samples of exotic concoctions all over the store. All I wanted was a couple gallons of milk and ... of course ... JR MINTS!

No Jr Mints. But I won a free DVD player.

We're making do with York Peppermint Pattie Bites, but they're just not the same. Still searching for Jr Mints.

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