Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Keeping up with the children

Yesterday I was able to post my very first picture to this here blog. Yep, quite proud of myself, really. I didn't even have to ask my son for help!

I used to be the Techie Queen of the household. Don't get me wrong, I'm still In Charge of all things relating to the family computer, as long as we have only one. All repairs, anti-virus and firewall protections, new software installations, all my domain. But for anything new and cool ... ask the boychild.

I got a new digital camera for my most recent birthday. It took awhile to load my new pictures to the computer, as in a couple weeks. I had to try out a few online sites for sharing them with the various friends and relatives (and their various levels of techno-geekiness and/or cluelessness). A couple more weeks. And a couple more weeks. And now, finally, I put one up here on the blog (see Scooby Van below). For those who are counting, we're now up to SEVERAL weeks.

In one evening, my son grabbed my precious camera, took pictures of all his Bionicle Piraka, even taking them apart and building a new one out of their parts, and posted his pictures to the web site. Just like that.

At least I can program my own VCR. I know, that's so last century.

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