Thursday, July 20, 2006

Underwear is Fun to Wear

In our family, not only is underwear fun to wear, but it’s also become something of a competitive sport around here. Complete with sound effects.


“King Kong! Aarrgh!!”

“POW-er RAN-GERS!!” (in a sort of superhero sing-song)

“SPI-der-MAN!!” (I can’t spell the noise they make with this one, but believe me, it’s pretty impressive)

They pose like mini body-builders trying to psych each other out. Really, a new package of underwear spawns more excitement around here than the new fall collection in Milan. Even a new pair of sneakers (Teen Titans and flashing lights!) doesn’t compare to a fresh pair of Spiderman Boxer Briefs. Throw in a new Captain Underpants book and the adventures last all day.

At least until the Queen forces them to cover up their superpowers with “street clothes” in public. (evil queen!)

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