Wednesday, September 06, 2006

meet Joe90506 2

meet Joe90506 2
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I proclaim the First Day of School a rousing success. Here, we have our team mascot. I found him at the bottom of the stairs this morning, possibly wishing he didn't have quite so much tape holding his "knees" together.

Both boys claimed school was fun, even though we did do boring things like Math and Penmanship. (Here's a hint: put them both first thing in the morning, and something fun, like Robot-building, at the end of the day, and they'll forget all about the drudgery!)

Now, Joe90506 does indeed have a purpose. But the Art/Science Fair is not until March 2007, so any ideas for how to keep him from falling apart, being trampled (or run over by the car), or just plain running away until then would be appreciated.

And now, to get back to school. What are we going to do today?

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