Saturday, September 16, 2006

Outside my comfort zone

concert pic
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There's a place in Middle America where the number of cigarette lighters still outshines cell phones ... and I was there.

It's one thing to attend a concert with your contemporaries ... a lot of old people trying to look young, a few young people trying not to look bored. But to travel to someone else's hometown is quite another. A mere 60 miles away is a whole 'nother world.

The opening act was obviously a local band, and I felt like the only one in the place who didn't know the words, and didn't appreciate the noise. Now, I'm not one to go get myself a beer while a band is onstage, but that night I got two. First, to get away from that awful noise, and second, to try to drown out the pain in my head being caused by that awful noise.

But the lighters were a real blast from the past. Here in smoke-free suburbia, I thought all smokers just hid out on their back porches. But down the road a bit, where sidewalks are still littered with butts, they're still waving their lighters during the slow songs. I bet they even have a drive-in movie theater.

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