Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's On Your Desk?

This seems to be a "writerly" type of meme, as I've seen it on other writer's sites. And since I aspire to be writerly, sometimes, I'm joining in on this one.

1. Dell flat panel monitor. Looks cool without being all in-your-face. And everyone who sees it thinks I have a Dell computer, which I don't. But I do like this monitor.

2. Speakers.

3. Pencil cup, packed full of unsharpened pencils, and a couple of pens, which won't be there when I need one.

4. power supply/surge protector

5. One of those adjustable snake-neck kind of desk lamps. I almost never use it, because the halogen bulb gets so hot I will inevitably burn myself on it. But I share this desk, and the other guy uses it. So it stays.

6. My coffe mug of the day, sitting nicely on top of its very own Mug Rug. Don't make fun of my Mug Rug, or I will be forced to write a blog entry about it. I could, you know.

7. Cordless keyboard and mouse, with a WristGlider. Better than one of those ergonomic wrist rests, and portable, too. I've had mine almost ten years, but the web site is still active if you want to git cher own ...

8. The cord to connect my camera ... because I haven't put it away.

9. Dh's mp3 player, because I was borrowing his ear buds.

10. A spiderman glove. I dont' know why. It's been hanging out here for quite awhile now, I think it belongs here.

11. A small, unobstrusive Writer at Work sign. It even says Do Not Disturb, but that doesn't seem to stop anybody.

12. The installation instructions for my new printer. It works fine, I should just put those away now ...

13. A calculator and dh's course outline and a page ripped out of a spiderman comic round out the debris that clutters our desk here. What? No half-eaten cookies? Just a minute, I see one coming ... no, it's gone back to the kitchen ... no, it's gone. And all I got was a cookie-crumb kiss on the cheek.

There's more stuff in the various organized cubby holes and envelope racks and shelves within this desk which is actually the entire office. I'm just going to stop at the desk top ... enough is enough.

So, what's on your desk?

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scribbit said...

Nothing but the printer--Woo Hoo! I got a new laptop so my computer desk is practically empty. My techy husband doesn't do jewelry, but when it's birthdays or Christmas he's all over the electronics and I have to say I've used the laptop a lot more than I would have used pearls. I'm so pathetic. :)