Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I didn't have to shop, but ...

Not feeling very empress-like right now, as I sit here, WAITING! And freezing, my fingers are freezing because the thermostat is on a timer and it goes WAY DOWN at night. Otherwise, it gets way too hot upstairs, where I should be right now, all cozy and warm in my bed.

But NOOOOOOO. There's literally a mountain of boxes in the garage, yes it is actually taller than me right now, and I must wrap many, many packages before I sleep. But not until the Peanut and the Pumpkin are SOUND ASLEEP. So far, they have snuck down the stairs 3 times since I put them to bed. Of course, I knew that was going to happen, and I haven't started the excavation project.

But, I promise you, I WILL start tonight ... sometime. I could really use a bit of Santa's magic right now, but so far he hasn't offered any. So, one more cup of coffee, and I will outlast the varmints, tonight.

Tomorrow will be another story altogether.

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