Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday musings

It's snowing. If you look real hard you can see snowflakes, little, teeny, tiny snowflakes. They almost look like mist, they're so tiny.

When I checked the weather this morning, one weather guy actually said the predicted storm had been cancelled. As if you can CANCEL the WEATHER?! Wishful thinking. Getting a little puffed up with an exaggerated self-importance. I guess being on TV every day, predicting the weather (and fairly accurately, for the most part) can do that to a guy. But actually CANCELLING A SNOWSTORM! Hah, that's going to come back and bite us all.

On the plus side, there is no snow to be shovelled ... yet. A hard shell of ice covers everything, but no snow.

Monday mornings often find me culling new web links from my various homeschooling newsletters. How many of them do I actually use? Actually, tons and tons. How many do I have? Tons and Tons and Tons and Tons and Tons ... I may actually reach the limit in My Favorites. Only, now I've been asked to organize my links into a useable listing for my fellow homeschoolers. That could take some time. I see a few late nights on the horizon, and I mean really late nights. Did I mention that Organization is not one of my strong points?

Anyway, my peanut has gotten excited by a new "game", called typing. I'll share the link here: ... now dance away little fingers!

I could probably share a link a day and never get through the whole list. Gee, never thought of that before.

For those of you who are link-happy, here's another one. It seems that the artist depicted in the video I linked to in my previous post was a high school art teacher. Only he was fired for not being a good role model for his students:

And just how is an art teacher supposed to be a good role model for his students, if not by practicing his art? The only thing the students at that school have learned is that there are limits to what is acceptable creativity. (Reason #145,986 why I homeschool)

And now, Happy Martin Luther King Day to you.

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