Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why I'm Not Going to Church Today, part 1

Why a series? Because there's bound to be many more Sundays in the months to come that I will be sitting at home posting to my blog. But how can posting to my blog be more satisfying than sitting in church? It can't, really. It's just easier to plop the mighty mite in front of PBS wrapped up in a warm blanket than to fight with him in church.

We got through the holidays fine. He had been going to Sunday School without too much complaint fairly regularly. But then ... there was NO SUNDAY SCHOOL. Yikes! Now there was a choice. He could either follow the bigger kids and go watch a video (which inevitably was boring, no matter how good it really was, and he would get in trouble for disrupting the other children), or he could stay in church with me, and get bored, and not want to color anymore, and start whining just as the sermon was about to begin, which would soon elevate into a full-blown tantrum, and I would end up rushing him out of there in a really big scene for all to witness and pass judgement.

I get a lot of sympathetic smiles from parishioners I don't know very well. Poor mother can't control her child.

I know plenty of others have been there, done that, and lived to tell. It's just a stage, I hope, and he'll either grow out of it, or he'll never go to church again for the rest of his life.

But today, it's snowing. Not a big storm or anything. Probably won't even get the trucks out for this thing. Just enough to be bothersome, have to clean off the car (curse the roof rack on top of the SUV!), scrape the crusty ice off the windows, and drive carefully because the roads get slick from the merest hint of moisture in the air. (Brilliant idea: concrete highways. NOT) And I've just been told my tires are on the wrong side of legal and need to be replaced yesterday. So church has suddenly become non-essential travel.

Big guy gets to sleep in, and there still won't be enough snow to play with when he finally drags his skinny bod out of bed. But enough for Mom to call a Snow Day.

Stay tuned for next week's excuse.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

So what happend next week?

Patti said...

I went to church.