Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's finally here

Oh yeah, that lovely November weather has finally shown up, and I fear it's here for the season. Well, we sure had a good run, even had one last good T-shirt day at the park this week.

But that's all over. Even yesterday, when the thermometer registered in the 50's, the wind chill pretty much took care of any delusions of mildness. Just run from the car into the Post Office and pull that sweatshirt hood up cause it's now officially freezing and wet and chilled-to-the-bone, and don't forget wind-blown, November.

Just a couple days ago, as I was admiring my last roses of summer, I wondered what it was that made me dread November. Now I remember.

My boys are active, noisy, messy and a bit coddled. As in, "it's too cold outside" translates into turning my living room into something akin to a crime scene. And when they get bored with the living room, they want to help me mess up the kitchen. As if I needed any help in that area.

Yes, I know, must direct their helpfulness toward more positive pursuits, such as cleaning up my kitchen. Maybe I should just sick them on one of my cabinets, just empty it all out, disperse its contents between trash and recycle ... hmmm I bet they would be able to do that in just about any room in the house. EXCEPT their own.

One thing I do like about November, though. It's only a month away from Christmas! (and NO, I have NOT put up any decorations yet! I don't want to wear them out, you know.)

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