Monday, May 05, 2008

Swiffer Saves the Day

I'm a firm believer in my trusty box of baking soda. It can clean anything. Just look at my bathroom! You know the grainy, no-slip tub floor that gets dingier by the day? Not mine, clean as the day we moved in!

Ah, but too much of a good thing ...

We had our first house showing. Yay! Somebody wants to see my house, maybe even buy it! But then there's the kitchen floor, showing its age. Not that it's really that old, just a little ... oh, marked up? With dirt just hanging out in all the little crevices created by wearing heels on the soft vinyl tile (just once! I only did it once, I swear!). I can mop it forever, but there's still those tiny little marks, maybe I'm the only one who can see them, but I know they're there, and that's enough to drive me crazy.

Like someone's going to walk through the house and think, oh it's all so beautiful and well-kept but what's with the kitchen floor? No way can I buy a house with a floor like that!

Anyway, out comes the trusty box of baking soda and a scrub brush. Yes, I got down on my knees and cleaned the heck out of that floor! Then rinsed. And rinsed. And rinsed again. And I've still got the wood laminate floor to clean, which I then proceeded to wash with the same mop that I used to rinse the kitchen floor.

Now, it is late at night, all is quiet in the house. I cannnot scream, I must remain calm. Even though I now have a milky white film covering every inch of my floors and there's only hours before my first showing! Leave it to me to take a slightly bad situation, and multiply it for full effect. Three more rinses later and I collapsed into bed, thinking "it doesn't look TOO bad".

Up early with the rest of the house to clean and prepare, and get the family dressed and out of the house without doing any damage ... and the floors look MUCH WORSE in the light of day. Five more rinses (the mop is starting to fall apart, not used to so much work) and I finally got back down on the knees and hand polished the film off with ... SWIFFER cloths.

You didn't know this was a Swiffer commercial, did you? Well, of all the new and wonderful cleaning products in the stores, and me and my baking soda, Swiffer saved the day.

For my next showing, oh yes, I do get another chance at this, all I need to do is Swiffer dry, Swiffer wet, Swiffer dry, and the floors look BEAUTIFUL!

And the baking soda will stay in the bathroom, where there's a nice hand-held shower spray and a drain for the rinsing.

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