Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Day To Do Nothing ... in which a lot gets done

Best day of the year!

Stay home. Go nowhere. Not even to pick up the mail, or some milk. Nope, we got plenty of milk. (okay, I went to the gym, but that's all, I swear!)

Good day to putter with MY computer. Not the shared family computer, not dh's laptop, no, this one is MINEALLMINE. And it works, too. Actually, it has been working for a few weeks now. The early Christmas present, fancy-schmancy Gateway laptop. In RED. And The Pumpkin wrapped up a cute little wireless mouse to go with it ... also in red.

Not the cute little Acer that kept going to black. No, this one really works. Bigger and better and more powerful than anything else in the house, and it's MINE! Yes, dh got tired of the failure rate of the budget model, and got something that will be useful for the entire family, as long as I'm the one using it. Of course, I put most of the school stuff on it, for when we travel (no days off for my students, ever! Mwahhaha!), and pretty much all the family pictures, and videos that should be edited into home movies, and now ... the music.

Since I never actually rebuilt my Itunes library when the old family computer died last spring, I've got a lot of work to do, here. Mostly loading cd's, which is time consuming. Especially since I need not worry about how much space it takes up. Oh no, we got UNLIMITED capacity now! All I needed was a nice stretch of time ... uninterrupted by the needs and demands of the family.

A day like today. When the weather outside is truly frightful (yes, temps in the 50's in January can be frightful when accompanied by drenching rains, piles of snow that won't melt, flash flooding, tornado watch, and the impending ice storm later this evening ... somebody remind me what's so wonderful about living in the midwest). It's dark in here already, in the middle of the afternoon, but I don't mind because I can see fine with my backlit keyboard.

And the children are busy with their Legos, which will be replaced by another new movie, once they get bored, or their fingers get sore. As for meals, we're all still grazing on leftovers (so the boys are living on milk and cookies, what else is new?).

So stuff is getting done around here ... that's something new. I'm even on my third load of laundry ... okay, so I haven't folded it yet, but at least it's clean! Can't have enough clean towels ... especially when they're holding off the flood waters.

Didja ever wonder, when everybody's basements are flooding, what happens to the folks who don't have a basement? If we're lucky, all the water heads for the neighbor's basement. If we have no neighbors with a basement, well, then we ought to be sandbagging. Because a roll of Bounty doesn't last as long as you'd think. (And I just replaced the carpet in the living room!)

One step forward, two steps back. Still, a lazy day in which I am very productive. Best day of the year!


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Just keep your new laptop up high out of the flood and all will be right with the world;-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Patti said...

and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to you too!

(and the towels worked, my carpet stayed dry and the waters receded!)