Thursday, March 12, 2009

Escape from DELETE

It's been a strange month. The usual busyness, a bout with the flu, icky weather and bad news heaped on top of bad news. So my posts have been a little ... you might say, dreary. Which causes the DELETE button to erase them away forever. Because I'm really not a dreary person. I may get cranky and whiny, but I make sure to laugh every day. So here's another try ...

I admit it. I watch American Idol. And I like it, too. And this year there doesn't seem to be the usual spoiler, the girl/guy we love to hate till they get the boot. Except for that extra judge, Kara, who doesn't seem to be getting the boot anytime soon. (but we can always hope!) But the talent is all that, and I can't wait to see what they bring to the stage next week. It's pretty clear that whoever fails to give their best performance will be the one to go home. And I don't want anyone of them to go home!

Which is why I may be skipping the results shows, aka Loser Night ... especially after last night with Kanye West. He never would've made it as a contestant.


Eric said...

Au contraire! (Wouldn't Mr. Segala be proud? Oui!)

I've been blogging weekly about American Idol, as you may know. The girls at work like to read it. My guy/girl I love to hate are Adam/Megan.! Must.....resist!

Patti said...

I couldn't even watch the whole show. I hate country week. I don't hate country music, just pop princesses version of it.