Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finish this sentence ...

Finish The Sentence Survey

1. My ex... ercise routine is on hiatus this morning.
2. Maybe I should... have another cup of coffee.
3. I love... the early morning quiet, just before the boys roll out of bed and mayhem begins.
4. People would say that I'm... quiet, but my thoughts can be pretty noisy.
5. I don't understand why people... actually believe what they see on TV.
6. When I wake up in the morning... I streeeeetch.
7. I lost my... job when I discovered who I truly am meant to be.
8. Life is full of... opportunities to make the world a better place.
9. My past is... good experience for the future.
10. I get annoyed... when I am not taken seriously.
11. Parties are... celebrations of life.
12. I wish ... for world peace.
13. Dogs... love unconditionally.
14. Cats... are descended from royalty and don't you ever forget it.
15. Tomorrow... is a new day with a clean slate.
16. I have low tolerance for... intolerance.
17. If I had a million dollars... it must be Monopoly money.
18. I'm totally terrified... of penguins. They're organizing to take over the world right this very minute!
19. My spouse... is my soulmate.
20. My life... is good. It's all good.

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Eric said...

This will probably take all day!

1. My over 1800 miles away.
2. Maybe I and exercise.
3. I family!
4. People would say that I'm... smart and funny, but I'm really just patient and observant.
5. I don't understand why the things they do.
6. When I wake up in the morning...I wish I'd slept 3 more hours.
7. I lost in September; she was almost 15.
8. Life is full of...surprises; some are actually good ones!
9. My past is...missed sometimes 'cause you can't go back.
10. I get annoyed...when people get away with not doing what they're supposed to do.
11. Parties are...well that depends on the type of party!
12. I wish...for a time machine. See #9.
13. Dogs...are loyal and obedient.
14. Cats...are self-centered and independent, but still cute.
15. one day closer to my weekend.
16. I have low tolerance for...racism and ignorance.
17. If I had a million dollars...I'd be rich! (Couldn't resist)
18. I'm totally terrified...of reptilian creatures in general.
19. My spouse...goes tanning too often!
20. My going by much faster than it should!