Saturday, April 04, 2009

Why so gloomy?

"The crisis will end when those who have too much, when those who control the wealth of the world realize less may be better." (Jim Goodman, )

Yikes. That would be ... like when teenage boys stop being hungry, when children decide they don't need Santa to fill stockings at Christmas, when the unemployment rate drops to ... 0! ... oh hell, when I don't want any more chocolate!

Not. Happening.

But I don't think us "little people" are sitting around waiting for the crisis to end all by itself. We simply adjust our needs according to what is available to us. No credit? No problem. Keep your money. Sit on your pile 'o cash. See what good it does you, all by yourself. 

Those who have no money, pay no taxes. Without taxpayers, where's the government going to get their cash for Corporate Handouts? Hmmmm ... other corporations?


Eric said...

I should get to bed earlier! But I have to agree. Those who control the wealth will only realize the world will be better with less as long as they still have more than most.

I'm not sure when this whole recession thing started; back when gas prices were so bad? Costs go up for businesses, so consumers buy less, so businesses lose money and eventually go out of business. It reminds me of a crumbling iceberg and companies are the chunks of ice falling off of it.

And I wonder how much of the recession is psychological. Part of a recession is always based on perception, whether it's accurate or not. Are people who aren't any worse off than they were cutting back because all the financial experts say they're supposed to?
Except for keeping a little bit more aside, I think the best thing for the economy is to try to keep on keepin' on by buying what you would've bought before. I got a raise last month(afraid to look at my 401K)and my wife got a new full-time job recently, so I'm going to live life 'normally' and do my little bit to try and slow down the snowball. If your lifestyle hasn't been impacted yet, then I guess that's all you can do.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

It just kills me that they want us to spend when we haven't got a lot so they can pay those big bonuses to the jackass' that got us into this mess in the first place. They should be getting fired not bonuses!

Patti said...

Common sense is a rare commodity these days ... such things as rewards for hard work and a job well done don't exist anymore.

And yet, I still got off my duff and voted in the local election. Hope springs eternal.