Saturday, July 04, 2009

Still Getting Better Week 4

Still working on it, anyway. Success is fleeting ... obstacles at every turn. Mostly my own laziness, my own carb addiction, my own fault. But I keep at it, because I can be stubborn, yes I can.

As for that goal of logging food and fitness ... well, let's just say it's a work in progress. Good thing I didn't actually come up with a good reward, because I didn't earn it. So it's still a goal, but it will have to be a 3-week goal, not a 1-week goal. I could go on a 10-day streak, but then forget for the rest of the week. So, it'll take 21 days, or 30, to make it a habit. And I can't seem to work out which is easier, notebook or my Spark Page online. Sparkpeople offers calorie counts, which can be helpful to let me know when I'm going overboard, but sometimes it's a drag to have to remember all the different tasks I need to do when I go online. And with occasional travel, I don't always have that internet connection, nor do I want to.

But on to some new goals:

1. Incorporate my new homeschool fitness routine. Eventually the boys will be invited to join (as in PE) but for now I'm still working on myself. Besides, they mostly take care of their own needs for physical activity, especially if the weather's nice outside. Me, I have to schedule it.

2. Eat lots of salads and veggies while on vacation. It's much harder for me to eat well when I'm away from home, not doing all the meal prep, eating out, taking out, PIZZA! But the goal is to start each meal with a vegetable (fruit for breakfast), and as long as I keep the log, I shouldn't gain any weight. Together with the fitness plan, and lots of walking, my heart will heart me back.


OK, so the lobster is practically a given. Could I really deny myself if I failed? No, so definitely START WITH SALAD. But the real reward: a bookstore, where I browse, and purchase. Not just buy myself a book to read, no, no, no, no, no. It's the Experience. The Browse. Really, do you have any idea how much I get to Browse? Anywhere? I should probably start searching for the perfect bookstore now. Because it will be a Cape bookstore. And I Will Not Fail.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Pretty much every bookstore is a perfect bookstore;-)