Friday, August 07, 2009

And now it's Week 9 ...

Yes, Week 9. Out of 12 weeks, we've done 8, two months now ... so what are my results so far?

1. Weight seems to be stabilized. Plateaued. Not sure if this is where I'm going to stay forever, but it sure looks like that's the plan for now. In the meantime, I'm getting much better with the habits. The trick will be to continue them through the changing seasons. Summer's easy, I'm pretty much on my own schedule. Once I start school again ... well, it's still my schedule. Just a little fuller.

2. Last week's goal of adding in balance and flexibility, aka Yoga: needs work. Still on it, because I feel the benefits when I do. So maybe 3x a week may be more realistic than every day. But then again, a little bit every day may go further in the daily stress reduction.

New goals for this week: The focus is on diabetes (type 2), and pre-diabetes, which really have no symptoms. Just getting my blood sugar checked, which won't happen until my next scheduled check-up this fall. Another perfect score on the quiz, but awareness isn't going to prevent anything. Basically they just say to keep up healthy living habits for life. (From there I guess we just cross our fingers? And hope the genes are in our favor?)

So a good habit to keep is the Planning Menus habit. We eat better, and I shop more wisely, if our meals are planned out ahead of time. Save money, eat healthy. So what's the problem? Well, I don't have the organizational skills, for one. The stick-to-the-plan mind set, for another. The family resists healthy eating, especially the children, who would live on sugary cereals, cinnamon toast, candy and cookies, if I let them. Not that they're any different from any other kids, just a bit more stubborn with the not eating real food when it's served to them.

This could get ugly.

And goal number 2 is back to the food journaling. Need to stick to the plan, and put it in writing. So that's what I'm going to do today. Plan, plan, plan ... and then go shopping. This would be so much easier if I actually liked the shopping part ... sigh.

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