Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Family Road Trip

It's good to be home! Especially after a marathon driving day like yesterday ... about 700 miles worth. (Ok, so I only actually drove about 150, but I was still in the car for the rest of it!)

Our cabin in TN was beautiful!

Oh wait, that's not it! That's an old farm in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There's a few of them dotted around the mountains. Pretty spare accomodations. Not exactly our style.

Now here's our rented cabin ...

A little more modern, including all the conveniences of home (and a hot tub on the back porch!)

So the scenery was beautiful, the bears stayed in the woods, at a respectful distance ... in other words, my one and only picture is too blurry to make out more than a black splotch, but we did see one, and we also saw lots of ... um ... "evidence" of their presence on the trail, which we carefully avoided stepping in.

Of course, it was so much more than nature hikes in the woods. Our trip was loaded with the usual touristy stuff, Dollywood (open wallet, insert straw), healthful (HA!) ok, Good Eatin', where the vegetables are either fried or just plain soaked in butter, get yer Fried Bologna Biscuit for breakfast! Um, yeah, we ate in quite a bit. Mini golf, where you have to take a train to the top to start the course, lazer tag, Incredible Christmas Place (Singing Santa had the day off), and lots of pool in our very own game room. And the hot tub, of course.

We do enjoy our family road trips. Looking forward to the next one, actually. But, for now, it's good to be home!


Eric said...

Ironically we both took trips to a log cabin at the same time. I put a few pictures up on my blog.

Tammy Vitale said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Husband had relatives in Tennessee and we took the kids (when young) to camp in the Smokies. Many happy tales: one about the bear in the road in the middle of the night and daughter, sleeping in van, couldn't get to bathroom. She still isn't sure she thinks it's funny. Then the year it rained the whole time. We slid down mountains together taking a "shortcut" Priceless!