Friday, September 04, 2009

BetterMe Week 12 done and gone ...

but not forgotten. Nope, still have to work at these weekly goals and rewards. I think this will work for me on a regular basis, as long as I keep writing it down. Not that I'm going to keep blogging my weekly goals all the time. No, that would be boring, as I have to repeat some of them pretty regularly.

But Week 12 of the BetterU Program is done. In fact, I lost track sometime during that last Family Road Trip. But I keep on my diet, looking for the healthy eating in a sea of southern fried whenever I can. And the garden, it is bursting with ripe vegetables. Well, a pretty good supply of cucumbers and lettuce, anyway. We need a bit more HEAT to spur the tomatoes on, to ripen enough to eat. There's tons of green ones out there, I won't know what to do with them all if they ever do get to full ripeness. Well, then again, maybe I will. Lots of recipes, just have to make some room in the freezer.

So am I actually healthier than when I started? Since I didn't actually get any official numbers to start, and not going to get them for a few more weeks yet, I guess I'll just have to do the year to year comparison. And for starters, I'm a size and a half smaller. Not two sizes, that would make life too easy, one size and it's plenty roomy. Leaves room for improvement.

Still working on the family's healthy eating, but with my dear sweet husband grudgingly trying out new recipes, occasionally, he sets the example for the boys. And I crack the whip when necessary. But still they grow, those darn boys who barely eat any food at all. One day they'll get hungry, and then I'll be sorry.

But I think the Program has been good for me, good for all of us. BetterU, BetterMe, so I can Live Long and Prosper (and annoy my kids for many more decades to come, mwahahahahaha!)

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