Monday, January 04, 2010

So it's not as easy as it looks ...

I've always taken a multivitamin, ever since I was a child. I give them to my children, too. And I really haven't bothered to read the ingredient labels, until now.

In addition to a morning jolt of caffeine, my one-a-days contain ingredients from FISH.

1. That explains why I can get up and go to the gym before coffee. Until this morning, I thought it was OK for me to operate a motor vehicle on a public parkway without the advantage of the morning java. Apparently I was wrong.

2. The reason I was reading the label in the first place ... I suspected something fishy. I got FISH. I have nothing against fish, personally. I happen to like fish. I have a pleasant conversation with our beta, Dragon, pretty much every morning. He sits on the kitchen counter (absorbing the warmth from the dishwasher) right below the cabinet where I keep the fishy fish pills. I had no idea, as I set out on this journey to veganism, that I was ingesting fish every morning.

But wait, there's more! More fish, that is ... in my afternoon fizzy-drink supplement, Airborne-wannabe-but-really-store-brand. Damn, and I liked that stuff, too. Well, maybe I'll have to check out the Airborne label, maybe go back to the real thing, with the real pricetag to match. There's no mention of fish on their website, only whole plant materials, so there's hope there.

I really am thrown for a loop here. I feel betrayed. While I was planning out my day to make sure I didn't accidentally scarf down a cup of yogurt or absently sprinkle some cheese on my lunch, the fish snuck up on me ... before coffee, even! So not fair.

Well, I'm on to you now, sneaky fishy supplements. What's next, lard in my veggie burger?

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