Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming out of hibernation

It wasn't intentional, but that's what happened. The blog went into hibernation while I tried my hand at ... earning some money? Not exactly successful. Several online writing pals suggested that I give Demand Studios a try, and I did, along with a few other content mills. Even though I had no trouble getting accepted as a writer, finding topics I can write about, quickly and with authority, well, that proved to be a problem. I have a feeling they'll accept just about anyone as a writer, but the articles have to follow such a rigid structure, which changes for each and every title, that there are way too many reasons to not get paid. And let's face it, the pay is crap.

Not to say that I'm giving up. Just exploring other avenues. And practice, practice, practice!

But now, for spring, I think some nice nature photography is in order.

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WildIris said...

I found your blog through the Network Blog on Facebook. I too tried writing for the online content mills. After 18 months of that non-sense,I am focusing on my homeschool blog. Come say "Hi!"