Sunday, June 05, 2011

Technical Difficulties ... or not.

Oh right, NOW it works! Too bad the bloggermouth ate my earlier post. I guess it just wasn't as witty or compelling as I thought it was.

Still, it IS summer. So outside I must go, dancing between the raindrops, ducking inside for the "isolated thunderstorms". Farmer's Market opens today! I think the official name is the O***** COUNTRY Market, because "Farmer's Market" is so, so ... agricultural-sounding. And we must be welcoming of any and all who wish to sell stuff outdoors every Sunday, whether it is farm fresh vegetables, my favorite olives and tapenade, or some up-cycled jewelry.

and there she goes ... outside again.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I know! I've had a horrible time trying to post pictures of late. Only every few days will it take them.

Patti said...

Hey old friend, nice to see you here!

It doesn't help when the internet connection gets all whiny and I-don't-feel-like-connecting-right-now either. Eh, that's life, mine anyway.