Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just another day of chaos

Sometimes, it all just sneaks up on me. How quickly things can snowball completely out of control. A tiny little dot can morph into a raging staph infection, complete with doctors poking needles into my baby's head and nasty stinkin medicine (I still can't get the smell out of the bathroom!), and then all of a sudden, a couple weeks have passed and ...

Today, all is well. All is quiet, relatively speaking.

... and that was a couple days ago. Yep, interruptions are my life. Chaos reigns. And as long as I'm allowed to come up for air before completely drowning, then it's all good.

So January is over. I did not post every day. Probably never will. All crises of the moment have been averted, or otherwise put into a holding pattern. That works for now.

Onward ... spring is just around the corner, right?

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