Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whoa! Just almost got run down by a runaway hornline! Well that's what they look like when they're headed right for you.

Anyway,  just sitting here on the curb inhaling the aromas of  snack time. Parked here in the street, both sides, leaving room only for pedestrians and golf carts, members of various corps all hanging out, greeting each other, and enjoying fourth meal. Pretty soon we'll pack up and head for DeKalb, where we'll meet up with many of the same corps  tomorrow night.

And do it again. Same show, different city, practice, practice, practice until it's better than perfect.

And tomorrow, after a good night's sleep in my bus seat, I will carve out time to take in a uniform, maybe sew on some patches for a jacket,. And maybe there will be yet another unusual project to do. Because there's nothing like rushing to finish a bunch of pleather sandbags, beacuse it's windy and we need to stabilize our props.

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