Wednesday, October 19, 2016

School sucks

This homework is gonna be the death of me.

Wait, let's address the elephant in the room. Yes, it's been two years and some months since the last post, a rather pleasant suzy-homemaker post about homemade english muffins. Shortly before the shit hit the fan and the world came crashing down around me. So it took awhile for me to pick up the pieces and put some of them back together in a way that may or may not work. But I'm trying, making it work for what's left, making something new out of the mess that was. So now ...

back to the goddamned never-ending homework.

Homeschooling was never this much work. I rarely stayed up past my bedtime for any school-related assignments. If the boys had to stay up late to finish something, well, then they got to sleep in the next day. We Did NOT Lose Sleep for School!!!!

But now the almighty Algebra regularly keeps me up at night. English essays are worth losing sleep over? Yet another Packet for (this is ridiculous) PE. Yup, even PE assigns homework and tests. Because public school has to suck the life out of every single student, every single hour of every single day.

Back when my oldest was a freshman, he quietly did his homework until ... he didn't. Just stopped. For three years. Pretty much until he found classes, and teachers, who realized that overwhelming the students with tons of homework doesn't accomplish anything.

Now, the freshman of the hour regularly falls asleep while in the midst of his piles of homework. I can't help but wonder exactly who thinks this is making him into a better student? And to top it all off, the sleepy one has become quite clumsy and accident prone as well (but nobody thinks it has anything to do with a lack of sleep).

I'm a firm believer in natural consequences. So what shall they be for the perpetrators of our torture? Too tired to come up with anything good right now. But later, after coffee ...

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