Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm working, really I am

I sent off a query this morning. Yes, an honest-to-god well-thought-out query targeted to a specific editor, just like all the guidelines say. I know, I'm supposed to be sending out at least a few a week, but I'm still working up to it. Sometimes, it's easier to just write the piece and send it off, where it undoubtedly goes directly into someone's circular file. Actually, it's way easier to just pencil my thoughts in one of my notebooks, then just leave them and go on to other things. But that's not going to get me anywhere.
There's a point to this. I'm a fabulous procrastinator. Even with a dedicated writing-time, every morning, the actual nuts and bolts of producing anything worth being paid for is, well, it's HARD! It's sales, is what it is, and I'm no good at sales. Just let me write, you read and we're done with the whole process.
Except that won't put any food on the table. Not that I'm putting food on the table now, just that I may be called on in the future someday to contribute to the family finances, and I want to be prepared. Besides, getting paid is a great ego booster (and it doesn't hurt when impressing friends and relatives, Hey I'm a PROFESSIONAL writer).
I wish I could be a professional reader, now that's really up my alley. I know, I could write book reviews, except that I take so long to read sometimes. I live with three permanent interruptions, one in my lap right this minute, another one skulking down the stairs, getting ready to put in his order for chocolate milk. (At least I've trained them all right: start every day with chocolate!)
So what am I reading right now? Another William Nicholson, Slaves of the Mastery (that's for research, remember? so that counts as work), just finished a Sidney Sheldon, I think it was Tell Me Your Dreams. I raced through it, skimmed over a ton of boring courtroom scenes (I just don't get excited over DNA evidence, so sue me) and I think I'll lay off the stuff for awhile. Hmmm, what else have I got laying around ... oh, Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. A friend sent it to me, it's a little out there but I'm keeping an open mind, maybe I'll come a little closer to eating healthy, as long as it includes chocolate.
Ah, work, work, work. My first job is calling (I'm late already and the boss is whining).


Running2Ks said...

Sometimes I dabble in the idea that I should be paid for all of this computer writing (time-wasting, hobby?) that I do for free. And then I remember that I don't work as well when there is money involved. I never like to be tethered :)

NjDebDeb said...

ohhhh ICK on the ants!! We have bug issues here too but that should change drastically when the new windwos come and are installed!
I totaly get the *I'd rather jsut write the darn thing and send it off* mentality I really do!!! and I still do that quite a bit - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't - other times I draft up what is in my head then struggle writing a query for WEEKS figuring if they say yes then I only have to fine tune my draft - but i physcially cannot make myself write a query without having at least a draft of something ...odd huh???
HUGS - hey are you going to FITS????

Patti said...

no, not this year :(

and yes, I draft most everything, even if it just helps me get an approx word count for my query.

btw, that one was rejected, but very nicely. I'm encouraged to do more!