Monday, July 04, 2005

The Constitution in Action

So Happy Independence Day!

I thinks it's fitting that many of us spend a part of this day contemplating our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as we look forward to the process of replacing the first woman justice on the Supreme Court. In a perfect world, another brilliant, moderate jurist will slide into that open spot and begin where Sandra Day O'Connor left off. And since the only ones who can actually vote to confirm the President's choice are US Senators, the rest of us will have to just sit and watch the whole process.
But in this day of media frenzy over all things which we cannot control, it will be nothing less than a 3-ring circus, with lots of name-calling and mud-slinging. Yes, I've already received a number of inflammatory emails, how my dollars are needed RIGHT NOW to fund the latest ad campaign. Just what do they hope to accomplish? It really doesn't matter what us regular folk think.
We already made our choice when we elected our Senators (and with this President, we know what we're getting now, don't we?).
So, at the risk of inviting some nasty labels (how about peacemonger?), I think now is a good time to call for restraint. This is a time to just sit back and watch our government in action, because that is how it is set up in the Constitution. The screamers at Fox and CNN will look all the more ridiculous when everybody else realizes that it's really out of our hands, so just accept it and let's get on with our lives.

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Running2Ks said...

51% of America screwed up. Not much I can do, but I'll still be grumpy and letter writing, I suppose. Just 3 more years.....