Monday, July 18, 2005

Research, research, research!

I'm suffering from a case of information overload. Thank you dear sweet internet. There is just so much out there, sometimes I feel like a small child in the New York Public Library ... where to start?
Every morning, I have a list of sites to check, to explore in more detail, culled from the various readings of the day before. I usually have at least three windows open at any given time. And my email usually contains close to a dozen more links that I absolutely must check. Plus there's always a question in my writing somewhere usually marked with
???CHECKINTERNET??? At least I'm saving trips to the library ... down to once a week, these days (ok, sometimes twice).
Even the library is online: I browse the catalog in the dead of night, note my choices and put them on hold for the library staff to pluck from the stacks for me. That keeps the devil child out of the adult services section, where there are far too many hiding places.
I've even lowered myself to saving trips out of my chair! Yep, when I need it, I don't have to go looking for my personal copies of the Constitution, or Plato or famous quotes. Nope, just click on a link in my favs and it comes up, exactly what I need, without so much as a squeak of the chair wheels. Copy and paste from one window to another ... saves time, more surfing.
And this is all done with that ancient internet connection known as dial-up. Just think of what I can accomplish with hi-speed ... oh the thinks I will think!


Running2Ks said...

High speed makes you efficient. And it makes you spend MORE time on the computer. Have no idea why!

Patti said...

more, more, more ... just gimme more!

I wanted to say, thank you for reading every single post!