Saturday, July 16, 2005

Girlie Shopping

So I went shopping the other night with a girlfriend. That, in itself, is an event. A huge deal, I mean, Shopping, with another Girl. (There are no girls in my house, just the Queen and her princes, and the big guy himself). But as it happened that I needed a night out, she needed a new outfit, we went shopping.
And it was tough convincing the Princes that Girlie Shopping would not involve cookies. Donuts, maybe, not cookies.
And I really enjoyed it, I mean Really Really. Still, I came home with nothing. Didn't even foray into the dressing room, except to bring my friend more stuff to try on. I did closely examine an ENTIRE rack of cute belted capris looking for something that could pass for our size, but NOOOOO. We are either SO AVERAGE that everything is gone, or somebody was trying to tell us that we would not look cute in those cute belted capris.
Yes, we, as in true friends share the same butt size, going up, going down, with or without chocolate. (She's way taller than me, we could never share those Travelling Pants, ... unless they were capris)
Now if only I could get out for some shoe shopping ...

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Running2Ks said...

I had fun too. Maybe next time, you get the pants, and I'll wear them as capris :) I didn't go with the girly outfit last night--last minute change. Glad you helped me pick out a lot of stuff.