Monday, July 11, 2005

To Sleep, To Dream ...

Ahh what a beautiful morning! After a rough night, the sounds of the birds singing signals the end of my struggle for sleep. The little guy will rise and shine, with not even a glimmer of the wailing and sniffling that kept us both up.
Well, actually, it seems the sniffling is to go on. Indefinitely. My poor child has inherited the nasty allergies that have kept his father's family in decongestants for generations. And it's all up to the weather man to spell relief, as in R-A-I-N (even temporary relief is welcome, all for a good night's sleep!).
So here I sit, watching the weather channel, cheering on Dennis. C'mon, you can make it, you're big enough, you're strong enough, be the first tropical storm to make it all the way up to Lake Michigan! Apparently I'm not the only one, as anyone can see just by tuning in their local weather report. It seems every midwestern meterologist on air is joining the formation, as if our collective cheering will make it so. RAIN!
We're just not used to these desert conditions, where it's so dry even Benedryl has been rendered ineffective. OK, so it's not Las Vegas dry, but I don't choose to live in Las Vegas. I choose to live in this pseudo-farm country, where there's supposed to be enough rain to raise crops to feed this great nation of ours. This year, we're going to starve. Cause there's NOTHING coming out of my gardens.
So I dream of rain, because one night of rain will mean one night of sleep. And that's all I'm asking for.

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Running2Ks said...

Not too much to ask :) Maybe it will rain kittens and puppies tonight.