Friday, January 27, 2006

Biggest Event of the Year

As the BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR, the Rolling Stones concert is going to be pretty tough to beat, at least in this family. Even if it is still only January.


Even if I wasn't feeling my best. Should've known ... been fighting tonsilitis since Thanksgiving ... yep, it's baaaaack. With a vengeance. Went from "eh" to not sleeping, not eating, not talking, barely breathing in only a couple days.

The first dr to look down my throat said "Oh holy Pete!" and promptly ran out to call a specialist. Who said "Come in Now." As in NOW.

And when he looked, he said "Ooh those are gonna have to come out. But not today ...first let's see about relieving some of your pain." And he took out his medical stuff (NEEDLES and STUFF) and waved his magic wand and ...

After a few hours I really did feel better. And I can drink and talk and even eat food (and I love to eat food, especially chocolate!). But the nasty things that have been ailing me and slightly inconveniencing my family have got to come out, and soon.

Surgery is a scary word, even if it's "day surgery". But especially when the dr wants to discuss the entire procedure and recovery with my husband, because, well, I'm "very important to your family and he needs to understand what's going to happen". Made it sound so ... serious.

Could even be the biggest event of the year. Let's hope not. Nothing's bigger than Mick Jagger. Keith Richards. As Tears Go By LIVE . Yeah, I'm still basking in concert after-glow.

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Perpetual Chocoholic said...

On the upside...lots of ice cream (chocolate of course.)

Make sure you get lots of fluids after they come out! So you don't have other problems after.