Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One step closer to Totally Insane

Yep, look what I've gone and done now.

Haven't completely finished novel #1 (though I'm not giving up, yet!). #2 fizzled by chapter 3, mercifully. So now I will join a mass hysteria of novel-writing, with a totally new novel #3, 50,000 words, start to finish in the 30 days of November.

A pipe dream, to say the least.

In past years I have sat by the wayside and wished the participants luck, and lots of caffeine. Now it's my turn to stop being a bystander and jump into the fray.

As I get older, I get a little nuttier. Or maybe my kids are truly driving me insane. At least I'm enjoying the ride.

For now it's time to prepare. Get some ideas gelling, maybe a character sketch. Finish up some deadline work AHEAD of schedule (now that would be a first). Maybe even clean up the house, so I at least have a clear space in which to begin. Get organized and set myself up for success.

Just you wait and see what happens next!

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