Saturday, October 21, 2006

Words, pictures, now video

I think I'm covered now.

I put my words here. If my family is looking for any quick updates, this is the place. Well, maybe not, but if you want to know what's on my mind. Yeah that's it. My brain is here. No, that sounds too weird. Well, you know what I mean.

I put my picturs on Flickr. Some are public, some are private. Most of the family ones are Private. As in For Invited Guests Only. Kind of like a private family reunion, you wouldn't want any strangers crashing, now would you? But it's a nice place for friends and family to drop in and check out what's new. Especially for the ones who live far away, or are travelling.

Now my videos are up for the same group. Lot's of invitations to come to the party were sent out this am. Now I just upload the kiddies in all their most embarassing moments for all the family and some very good friends to laugh at. And soon I will figure out how to put a sample up right here ... I know I will, just give me a few days.

I'm totally wired. And yet, I still let my cell phone die. (don't ask about the PDA)

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