Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No April Showers

I think I can say this without jinxing anything now, finally. Spring has arrived. Not with the requisite April showers or anything, which means the annual dry spell is beginning early this year, but I'm pretty sure there'll be no more winter. And no more frost.

Let the gardening begin!

The song of the birds can drown out the early morning construction traffic. That was my biggest clue. Once the birds have arrived, they don't leave, no matter what weather rains down upon them. Unfortunately for the farmers, there hasn't been any rain. Plenty of rainy day forcasts, but no measurable precipitation.

Not that I'm complaining or anything. I don't have to survive by farming, oh lucky me. No, I get to spend dh's bi-weekly paycheck, rain or shine. And the children are spending way more of their precious tv time outside ... getting dirty.

And our lawn is green and growing like a jungle out there. You'd never think it hasn't rained in weeks.

The dirt is calling me. I need to get me some seeds and start planting! Spring is finally here!

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