Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why I'm not .... you know ... what part is this?

Yeah, another Sunday, beautiful Sunday, so busy seeing how beautiful it is out there that, as usual, I forgot about the time and ... well ... the Pumpkin is still sleeping. Oh, and I haven't bothered to get myself dressed and ready for church, either. Nope. Just a hanging out kind of morning here in beautiful suburbia.

But the children will drag themselves out of bed sometime ... any minute now, I'm sure. And it'll be go, go, go, let's go outside and PLAY!

So, we've had some rain. And I took the opportunity to pick out some seeds. Now, we'll be looking for places to plant them since I ... um ... kind of let my garden grow out. Took no time at all, the jungle of a lawn took right over and you can't even see it anymore. Frankly, the hose didn't reach too well, and so, dry season pretty much killed off any attempts at growing something worth eating. Which was the whole point. So, now, just a couple of tiny patches near the back door, maybe throw something into the rose garden out front and see what happens there ... I don't know.

Maybe just plant some seeds in plastic cups and put them on the window sill. Kids love that.

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