Monday, May 07, 2007

You wanna pack for me?

I love travelling. I really, really, really love to travel. I like to Go Places. And I would really, really, really prefer not to bring any Stuff with me.

The ideal vacation for me would include all the Stuff I Need. All I would have to bring is my camera. A whole new wardrobe that I would look fabulous in, all my essentials neatly put away in the most comfortable of accomodations.

Of course, I try to leave as much of myself behind as possible when vacationing. This one I'm letting go of the Mom part, leaving it at home. So all my dowdy Mom clothes pretty much have to stay too. Except, the mom-bod hasn't left yet (still working on that) so the only clothes that fit would be ... oh all right I'll bring the elastic waist pants!

And that new bathing suit. With a cover-up.

It's the reading and writing and heathy-working-out parts of me that don't want to be left behind. And they take up a lot of space in the ole suitcase. Athletic wear that will be totally icky on the return trip, books and magazines, paper and pencils. How many notebooks can I squeeze into the mom-bag (a back pack that passes for a pocketbook and I'm ready to retire it any day now if only I didn't need the space!)? Can I fit all four pairs of sandals and still squeeze in a couple more magazines into the outside pocket?

Do I have to bring a camera?

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